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Hi there! Whether you are a valued alum, current member, someone wishing to go through recruitment, or just an internet wanderer, welcome to our chapter website! It is impossible to convey the depth of our sisterhood through only a few pictures and words, but I hope this website provides a little glimpse into the place we all call home.

Social media can only show so much of our chapter. An Instagram post cannot show a sister coming back to her desk after a long day to an encouraging note from friends. A tweet cannot depict the true beauty in seeing our entire chapter in an uproar of laughter at meeting. A Snapchat story can show a sister studying at the library for hours on end, but it will not convey her elation after acing the test. A Facebook post cannot show the differences our philanthropic spirit has made or the lives we have impacted. Without being there to experience it with us, nothing can fully capture the love that encompasses this chapter.

Although I am the one writing this letter, Gamma Phi is not about me. Gamma Phi is about the home we have created here; it is about blaring music too late, playing pranks on each other, and never-ending support for one another. It is about the time and energy we give to causes greater than ourselves and the smiles we can put on others' faces. Gamma Phi is about walking through the halls and seeing women studying together, playing games, having meaningful conversations, and laughing, and being proud to call them your sisters. Gamma Phi Beta is about trying to be no one except who we truly are. Wow, I am so thankful to be a Gamma Phi.

This chapter that has given me so much - and for that, I am so grateful. I hope this glimpse will encourage you to get to know us better. On behalf of the women of Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: thank you for stopping by!


in IIKe,

Lauren maciejewski

Pi Chapter President





"Your time in college will be a crazy ride of emotions, from laughter to tears, from failed tests to acceptance letters, from losses to victories. These women have picked me up and cheered me on through it all. They have made me who I am today."

"Gamma Phi has given me women to laugh with, cry with, cheer me on, and be there for me during all of my highs and lows. I never thought I would find this many genuine souls in one place, and I can’t imagine my life without being able to call this place home!"

"Joining Gamma Phi Beta has been the best decision I have made. I have met some of the most genuine, loving, and smartest girls I know.  They have taught me that it is always okay to be myself and that if you surround yourself with the people you want to be like, you will become like them."

"Gamma Phi Beta has taught me that it’s never too late to be exactly who you want to be. I am so lucky to be able to call this place home."





From all of us at Gamma Phi Beta - Pi Chapter, welcome to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  We're so glad that you've decided to call this campus your temporary home for the next four years.  This next stage in your life is going to be full of ups and downs, but I can already tell you your decision to join the Greek Community is one you will never regret.  Reflecting on my own recruitment experience, I remember being overwhelmed and uncertain.  As the first member of my family to go Greek, I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  Throughout the week,  I felt a sense of comfort talking to the other women in line waiting to enter various chapters.  Looking back on it now, it was remarkable how hundreds of us were all in search of a new home, but unknowingly some of us would be finding the same home together.

And to those women that I found my home with, I am eternally thankful.  This home has brought me endless laughter, an abundance of unconditional love, and everlasting friendships.  From long road trips to Husker game days to spoonfuls of Yogurtini to packing food for those in need, this sisterhood has made my collegiate career one I could never possibly forget.  But most importantly this home has become my rock.

In its very beginning, Gamma Phi Beta was founded on a rock.  Little did our founders know by founding this sorority on "the firmest and most enduring substance" that our sisterhood would endure and offer a home where sisters could lean on each other in times of need.  Without these women, I would not be the person who I am today.  I would have never gotten through my darkest hours without my sisters.  Whenever you walk through the front door, there will be a sister waiting for you.  A sister who will give you advice.  A sister who will listen to you.  A sister who will sit there with you.  A sister who will hold you.  A sister who will be your rock.

For many of you, this is your first real decision.  You may have been influenced by your parents or siblings or friends to decide where to go to college, but this decision will be entirely yours.

Throughout your week of recruitment, look for women who you want to become.  Look for a chapter where you can be your authentic self.  Look for women who value your same values.  Look for a chapter where you feel a genuine aura.  Look for women whose interactions speak louder than their words.

My advice to you is to find a sisterhood that can be your rock for the next four years and for the rest of your life.  I found my rock here at Pi Chapter and hope you can find a chapter that will do the same for you.


with love from THE MOON AND BACK,

nicole bakenhus

Membership Vice President

Letters of Recommendation

References have always been a valuable way for a Gamma Phi Beta to introduce a potential new member to our chapter. Now the process is easier and the information is more accessible. References will now be housed and managed online at GammaPhiBeta.org. Please submit all references using the online system at GammaPhiBeta.org/RecommendAMember. The system has exciting capabilities and will continue to elevate the importance of references. Thanks for growing our Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood by writing a reference. With questions about references, please contact Allie Davison at alliejodavison@gmail.com.

If you have any other recruitment-related questions, please contact Pi Chapter’s Recruitment Advisor, Annie McKeighan at annie.mckeighan@gmail.com.

Continuous Open Bidding 

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment period that allows a chapter that did not pledge to Quota or pledged Quota but did not reach Total, to pledge additional new members immediately following the primary membership recruitment period.  The Membership Vice President is responsible for overseeing the COB procedure, but she is also accompanied by a COB committee to help make decisions and facilitate the process.  Events will be held to meet potential new members, but COB will end once enough extensions to membership have been made for the chapter to reach Total.


New Members

New Members


Pi Chapter's New Member Program is 8 weeks long and is intended to acquaint our new members with the sisterhood and the history of our sorority. During these 8 weeks, new members are introduced to the qualities of love, labor, learning, and loyalty that Gamma Phi Beta is founded upon. These meetings take place once weekly at the chapter house, allowing new members to better get to know their sisters. Pi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta is proud to have a new pledge class of intelligent, involved, classy, and well-rounded women. We are thrilled to see each of them thriving in our sisterhood in so many ways.

Thank you a thousand times over for taking the time to learn a little more about our Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood. I’m so happy to share with you what it’s like to be here - and I’ll tell you right now, it’s so far beyond anything I could have even imagined. I’m going to be honest and say that I never thought I would join a sorority. I grew up in Lincoln with a loving family and great group of friends, and I just didn’t think I needed something like this. But for some providential reason, I decided to go through recruitment and give this sorority stuff a shot. I am so, so glad I did.

During that first week of my first year as a Husker, I got to meet women in this house who were just like me, but also different in some really beautiful ways. I talked to women who knew exactly what it felt like to be homesick, even though my parents lived just ten minutes away. I talked to women who understood that moving away from your family isn’t about the distance - it’s about realizing that you’re not a kid anymore, that you have the power to choose where you want to go, and that you’re gonna grow in ways you didn’t even know you needed to. And it’s gonna be hard, but you’re ready. You are strong. You are not alone.

When I walked through Gamma Phi Beta, I saw women whose beauty ran so much deeper than the makeup and great hair. I could see their beauty in the way they smiled at me, but also at each other. When they asked me how I was feeling, I knew I could say, “Honestly, I feel stuck right now and I have no idea what to do.” Even before I accepted their bid, I knew they cared about me.

I was stressed about money; my parents and I agreed that if this was something I wanted to do, I had to take financial responsibility for it myself. I was stressed out that whole week because I hadn’t anticipated loving the Greek system so much, and I didn’t know how to make a decision. I remember feeling torn in every house I walked in, like, “Wow, it would be great to be a part of this, but how?” And on that last day of recruitment, I stood in front of the women of Gamma Phi Beta and my heart just knew. I remember saying to myself, “I would bend over backwards to be here.”

And here I am. I get to live with women who are striving for something, and who challenge me to reach higher than I really thought I could. That’s what I wanted from a sorority: a place to grow into the woman I knew I could be, but wasn’t always sure how. I’m still getting there, no doubt about that, but I don’t think I would have made it this far without the friends I’ve made in Gamma Phi. Life in a sorority., and especially Gamma Phi, is not the glitter and gossip and pillow fights you see on TV. It is fun, but it’s also hard and really, really beautiful. I’m still learning who I am and where I want to be, but I’m really glad that I get to learn that in Gamma Phi. I hope you decide to give this sorority stuff a shot; without my willingness to come here with an open heart, I wouldn't know what it’s like to be filled the way these women have filled it.  

Alli davis

pledge class of 2016






      Not only do the women in our sorority build each other up to become the best versions of themselves, but we are also committed to building strong girls in our community. All philanthropic money that we raise during the year goes to the organization Girls On The Run. Girls On The Run teaches confidence, happiness, leadership, and other life skills while creatively incorporating running to third, fourth, and fifth graders. At the end of each season, teams celebrate with a huge 5K in Lincoln. We are proud to not only donate money to this organization, but we are also actively involved as coaches and 5K volunteers.


Partnered with Farmhouse Fraternity

     Scoops for Schools is a collaborative philanthropy event with Farmhouse Fraternity, during which chapter members serve homemade ice cream sandwiches with Cookie Co. Cookies!  The money raised at the event is donated to Lincoln Lighthouse. Lincoln Lighthouse is an after school program that offers academic support, evening meals, and recreational activities for middle and high school aged students.  Scoops for Schools is held each September in the green space on the northeast corner of 16th and R Street (across the street from Gamma Phi). 



       Our annual fall fundraiser is our Pi Chapter signature - French Toast Fest. We spend one night in October making unbelievable amounts of French toast to serve our many visitors from all over Lincoln.  All of the proceeds go toward Girls On The Run. We don’t mean to brag, we don’t mean to boast, but at Gamma Phi Beta, we love our French Toast!


Spring Philanthropy

     We’re excited to announce Gamma Phi Beta's newest annual philanthropy event the spring called Moonball! Moonball is a volleyball tournament, where event proceeds benefit our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run. Students, campus organizations, local businesses and community members are invited to participate.  Moonball will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Spikes Beach Bar and Grill. Teams of 6-8 people can sign up on Gamma Phi Beta Pi Chapter's Facebook page until March 22





Contact her at pichapterpresident@gmail.com

Lauren is from Elkhorn, NE and went to Elkhorn South High School. She is majoring in finance with minors in computer science, economics, and mathematics. Lauren is a peer mentor the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management and is also involved in ASUN Student Government and the College of Business Administration Student Advisory Board. You can catch Lauren chowing down on a Chipotle bowl or dancing to Menswear by 1975 at nearly any time of day. “My favorite part of Gamma Phi are all of the incredible women I've had the chance to meet. The relationships I've made here have impacted me in all the best ways.” Lauren is also a well-known for pranking our past Presidents . . . watch out!



contact her at pichapteravp@gmail.com

Rose is from Kenesaw, NE and went to Kenesaw High School. She is majoring in English with minors in Psychology, Criminology and Business. Rose is involved in ASUN student government, the Honors Program advisory board, FCLA, and NJJA Board of Directors. In her free time Rose loves to watch Black mirror and showcase her "bad dancing". She likes spending her time being a prankster around the house, and spending time with the women she loves in G Phi B.



contact her at pichapterfvp@gmail.com

Susannah is from Marengo, IL and went to Faith Lutheran High School. Her majors are History and English and a minor in business. She is a member of the University Honors Program and Morrill Hall's greatest employee (we might be slightly biased). Susannah is a very passionate about volunteering for organizations where she can see an immediate impact, such as Feed my Starving Children. In her spare time you can catch Suse watching Pride and Prejudice or reminiscing about Bid Day 2017 - her favorite bid day so far.



contact her at pichaptermvp@gmail.com

Nicole (better known as Nikki B) is from Lincoln, NE and went to Lincoln East High School. She is majoring in Speech Pathology and minoring in Education. Outside of school, Nicole loves to eat popcorn by the gallon and listen to Chance the Rapper. You can always find Nicole meandering Whole Foods or completing a cross-word puzzle. Nicole says her favorite Gamma Phi memory was packing up a car full of Gamma Phi's for the Minnesota football game this past fall and persevering through the snowy weather to have an amazing game day with her sisters!



contact her at pichapterevp@gmail.com

Tess is from Lincoln, NE and went to Lincoln Northeast High School. She is majoring in Speech-Language Pathology. Tess is a dedicated member of the University Honors Program, the Peer Mentor program, the Greek Ambassador program, and a part of FOCUS Greek . She is a big fan of Toast with PB and Bananas, George Straight, and NCIS. One of her favorite memories from living in the house is the nightly meeting in the snack kitchen to crank on the popcorn machine and chow down on fresh popcorn with her sisters.



contact her at pichapterprvp@gmail.com

Anna is from Kearney, NE and went to Kearney Catholic High School. Her major is Nursing. Outside of class, Anna is a Sunday school teacher, volunteer at A Night to Shine, and Wendy's 4 for 4 enthusiast . Anna loves practicing calligraphy and  watching This is Us and The Office. Around the house you can find Anna updating her bullet journal or Facetiming her beloved blind pup who we’ve all come to know and love.



contact her at pichapterpavp@gmail.com

Chesney is from Beatrice, NE and went to Beatrice High School. She is majoring in hospitality, restaurant, and tourism management and minoring in business and leadership. Chesney is a Hospitality intern at Kidwell and loves to watch Jurassic Park and eat copious amounts of tacos in her free time. One of Chesney’s favorite Gamma Phi memories was road tripping to Minnesota this past year for the Husker vs. Gopher football game and bonding with sisters for an entire weekend.